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COVID-19 Testing Specialist

Schaumburg Immediate Care

Family Medicine & Immediate Care located in Schaumburg, IL

If you think that you or a member of your family has been exposed to COVID-19 (coronavirus), COVID-19 testing can confirm your illness. The team at Schaumburg Immediate Care in Schaumburg, Illinois, offers both viral and antibody testing. Call Schaumburg Immediate Care or make an appointment online today for rapid testing. They provide same-day, weekend, and evening appointments for your convenience.

COVID-19 Testing Q & A

Are there different types of COVID-19 testing?

Schaumburg Immediate Care offers both viral and antibody COVID-19 testing. The viral test checks for an active virus in your body. It confirms if your symptoms are due to coronavirus. Antibody testing, sometimes called serology, can show if you had coronavirus in the past. 

What happens during COVID-19 testing?

When you have a viral COVID-19 test, one of the providers at Schaumburg Immediate Care performs a nasal swab procedure by inserting a thin swab into your nasal cavity. You might feel some pressure during the test, but it shouldn’t be painful. 

If you think you’ve been exposed to the virus, you should do your best to isolate yourself from other people until you have a test and get your results, especially if you have symptoms. 

During an antibody test, a member of the team at Schaumburg Immediate Care takes a blood sample by drawing a vial of blood from a vein in your arm or through a finger prick. They bandage the puncture site when your blood draw is complete. 

How long does it take to get my results?

Schaumburg Immediate Care should have the results of a viral COVID-19 test within 15 minutes. The antibody test results take 3-5 days. 

When should I have COVID-19 testing?

If you think you’ve been exposed to coronavirus and have symptoms including fever, coughing, fatigue, and body aches, call Schaumburg Immediate Care for customized advice about testing. 

They might recommend that you have a viral test, even if you don’t have symptoms, as you can spread the illness even if you’re asymptomatic.

However, it’s important to note that COVID-19 has an average incubation period of 5-7 days, although it can take up to 14 days. It’s possible to get a false negative if you have the viral test too early. 

You should have antibody testing after you’ve recovered from coronavirus. Your body needs up to three weeks to produce antibodies from the time you develop symptoms. 

A positive antibody test means that you had the virus. Medical researchers haven’t confirmed if having antibodies protects you against getting coronavirus again.

Call Schaumburg Immediate Care for personalized advice about COVID-19 testing and treatment. You can make an appointment by calling the office or booking online.