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IV Therapy


IV therapy refers to a medical therapy that delivers fluids and medication directly into the bloodstream. The term “IV” stands for intravenous, which means that IV therapy works by using an injection with a syringe or an IV drip that goes directly into the body’s veins. IV therapy is the fastest way to introduce medications, blood products, and more into the bloodstream, and can be administered for many reasons, ranging from medical emergencies to dehydration. Our practice is open daily and offers IV Therapy to clear up symptoms related to the following:

immune boost
Immunity Boost
Kick start your immune systems to help stop colds before they start.
champagne bottle
Hangover Rescue
Rehydrate your body and flush out alcohol toxins quickly.
Get relief from morning sickness and other pregnancy woes.
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migraine relief
Leave that miserable, throbbing headache behind, and get on with your day.
photo of Schaumburg Immediate Care
Bosst hydration and replenish your body and get back to feeling your best.
photo of Schaumburg Immediate Care
healthy gut
Give your GI tract the attention it needs, it's more important than you think.
photo of Schaumburg Immediate Care
myer's cocktail
feel good with this universal, full body elixir.
photo of Schaumburg Immediate Care
recovery and performance
Designed to help you power through a workout, allowing you to achieve fantastic results.
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Antibiotic Administration
If your primary care doctor or our office has prescribed an antibiotic, we can administer that via IV.
Please contact for pricing.
  • Immunity Boost - Our IV Drip strengthens the immune system, cellular defense, and improves mental clarity. This infusion can also relieve the silent inflammatory processes that are an underlying cause of progressive aging and frequent infections.

  • Hangovers - Our IV Drip is a quick and effective method to quickly combat hangover symptoms. It rehydrates the body, helps flush out toxins and restores vitamins and electrolytes lost during a night of heavy drinking.

  • Pregnancy/Morning Sickness - Our IV Drip blend can help treat dehydration and other symptoms caused by morning sickness. Vitamins will replenish the body to make sure both mom and baby are feeling their best.

  • Headaches/Migraine Relief - Our IV Drip can ease the headache and reduce migraine attacks. Suitable for any adult suffering from mild to moderate headaches. Patients with "the worst headache ever" might have a medical emergency and must go to the emergency room. 

  • Dehyrdation - Our IV Drip not only hydrates but steps up urine production which helps the body get rid of the accumulated toxins.

  • Healthy Gut -  Our IV Drip is created to assist with gut healing. Best for adult with Leaky Gut or any inflammatory GI conditions.

  • Myer's Cocktail - Our IV Drip delivers a holistic therapeutic benefit with a comprehensive blend of key nutrients. 

  • Jet Lag Relief - Our IV Drip can help reverse these effects and give you that boost of energy you need to overcome your stressful or well-traveled lifestyle. 

  • Antibiotic Administration (Doctor Prescribed) - If our office or your primary doctor has written a prescription for antibiotics, we can administer them through our IV drip. Please note this is only done with an approved prescription.


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IV Therapy

How does IV therapy work?

IV therapy is a straightforward procedure that you can expect to be simple and uniform, regardless of the type of therapy you are undergoing. In the beginning, you will be seated somewhere comfortable, and the medical professional administering the therapy will talk you through the entire procedure. IV therapy will always begin with a careful disinfection process before any needle is placed in a vein. Typically, the IV will be placed in the arm, but it can be placed elsewhere. Once the IV is inserted, a medical professional will be present throughout your entire therapy procedure to ensure that the rate of delivery is correct and that you are calm and comfortable. During IV therapy, you will be asked to remain still, so that you do not disturb or dislodge the catheter. Aside from certain small requests, you can read, watch television, or browse on your phone during the IV therapy process.

What fluids and vitamins are in an IV bag?

The fluids inside an IV bag depend on the type of IV therapy you are undergoing. Intravenous solutions can contain saline, vitamins, minerals and medication. Some common components of IV bags include:

  • Saline
  • Dextrose
  • Vitamins
  • Calcium
  • Lactated Ringer’s
  • Magnesium
  • Antioxidants
  • Antibiotics

Why should I get IV therapy?

IV Therapy delivers medication and fluids faster than oral administration and can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. It all depends on your unique circumstances, symptoms, and medical needs. Some main reasons people may want to try IV therapy include the fact that it is easy and convenient while promoting health and wellness. Generally, the main types of IV therapy include hangover relief, athletic performance recovery, immune system support, cold and flu relief, pregnancy symptom alleviation, and migraine and headache relief.

How long does IV therapy take?

Once you are connected to the IV, which is usually a quick and simple process, the duration of the therapy will depend on the type of IV therapy you are receiving. This process will typically require 45 minutes to an hour of your time. But, keep in mind that while some IV therapies can be done relatively quickly, others will take longer.

How quickly will I feel the effects of the IV drip?

Again, the answer depends on why you are undergoing IV therapy. In some cases, you may feel the effects almost immediately. In other cases, it may take more time. It all depends on the symptoms you are trying to address and the medical circumstances surrounding your situation. Effects of IV therapy can last from a couple of hours to lasting many days after your initial procedure.